VMware Site Recovery Manager 5.1.x Installation

While installing VMware Site Recovery Manager 5.1.x I had an issue where the service failed to start with the following error message

The setup was as follows: –

  • vCenter Server 5.1 Update 1 on its own server
  • SQL Server 2008 R2 on its own server
  • Site Recovery Manager on its own server

Process I used was

  1. Created a user in Active Directory to be used by SRM, e.g. SRM_User.
  2. Added this user to the SQL Server.
  3. Created a new database on the SQL server for SRM and gave the SRM User db_owner access to it.
  4. Created a 64-bit ODBC DSN on the SRM Server to access the database, remember SRM 5.1 is a 64-bit application so requires a 64-bit DSN instead of a 32-bit DSN as in previous versions. The DSN used Windows Authentication.
  5. Installed SRM on the SRM server and got the error displayed above.

To fix this I changed the VMware Site Recovery Manager service to logon as the AD SRM_User. I also had to add the SRM_User as a local administrator on the SRM server. You need to change the service while the error message is displayed and then click Retry.

Perhaps if the ODBC DSN used SQL authentication I could have left the service to run as the Local System Account. Further testing required to verify this.

I also did the following but not sure if it was important or not:

  1. Gave the SRM_User the following server roles on the SQL Server (the SRM documentation says that the user must have Bulk insert, connect and create table access)
    1. bulkadmin
    2. dbcreator
  2. When I created the SRM database I set the owner to be SRM_User instead of granting the user access after I created the database, doing this sets the dbo user of the database to be the SRM_User with a default schema of dbo. The SRM documentation says that the schema name should match the user name.

I will have to do further testing to see if these are important.

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