NetApp Announce EVO:RAIL appliance

NetApp is the latest vendor to jump on the EVO:RAIL bandwagon by announcing that they will sell an EVO:RAIL appliance.

They are not getting completely into the server market; they will not start selling servers alone, however you will be able to purchase a hyper-converged EVO:RAIL appliance from NetApp including compute and storage resources bundled with a VMware software stack. See previous article regarding EVO:RAIL for more details about the EVO:RAIL appliance.

NetApp will bundle a 2U NetAPP FAS with their EVO:RAIL appliance to add additional storage and their software such as SnapMirror, SnapVault, e.t.c.

Adam Fore, NetApp’s director of solutions marketing, says that the EVO:RAIL appliance will complement their FlexPod joint venture with partners Cisco. They see EVO:RAIL being targeted at smaller environments such as departmental infrastructures, branch offices or specific deployments such as VDI. FlexPod is aimed at enterprise data centres and large environments.

It is expected that the NetApp EVO:RAIL will be available in the first half of 2015.

NetApp Press Release

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