iPhone, Android or Windows Phone

Should I stick with an iPhone or switch back to Android or even get a Windows Phone? Don’t swear at me and say get a Blackberry!

I am currently using an iPhone 4S which I have had for just over 4 years now. I am getting sick of it, but that may be down to the age of it not because it is an iPhone. The on/off button does not work, which I understand is a common problem on this generation of iPhones. The battery doesn’t last a whole day and appears to be getting worse. These things could be fixed by getting a new button and a new battery or even upgrading to a newer iPhone.

I have struggled for a long time with the capacity of the phone; it is a 16GB iPhone. I am still running ios 7 because I do not have the space to download the upgrade. Often I cannot take photos with it because of a lack of storage and even if I delete a load of photos it doesn’t always free up the space. Other people I know with Android phones appear to be able to keep loads of photos on their phones without running out of space.

I was an early adopter of Android phones, having an early HTC Hero. The problem with this phone was that the early version of Android it was running, Cupcake (1.5) I think, had to store the apps on the internal memory and not on a memory card and the phone had very limited internal memory. This was soon rectified in the Android OS, however HTC never made that later OS available for the Hero.

What annoyed me the other day was that I wanted to get a photo from Flickr to my iPhone. I don’t use a Flickr app on my iPhone so accessed Flickr via Safari but couldn’t see a way to save the photo. If I accessed the photo on Flickr via my Windows laptop using Google Chrome I could save the photo but then couldn’t find an easy way to get the photo from the laptop to the iPhone. I attached the iPhone to the laptop via a USB cable and could access the photos on the iPhone via Windows Explorer but could not copy the photo to the iPhone. I thought I would have to synchronise the photo using iTunes but couldn’t work that out either. I’m sure I have done this in the past where I synchronise certain photo folders from my laptop to my iPhone but I think I switched that off a long time ago due to the lack of space issue. I ended up emailing the photo to myself and then accessing the email from my iPhone and then saving the photo. There should have been a better method that was simple to do without installing other apps on the iPhone; thinking about it now I think I have an app called WiFi Transfer that I have used in the past to get stuff on or off my iPhone but I had forgotten about that.

I’m sure if I had an Android phone then this would have been simpler.

I also use an iPad, or did before it was stolen, but I don’t think I need the phone and iPad/tablet to synchronise and/or share content. I would use similar apps on both of them and access the same email accounts but I don’t think that it would be a problem for me to have a different operating system on my tablet and phone.

So should I stick with an iPhone and invest in a newer one, go back to Android or even get a Windows Phone, I feel I don’t really want a Windows phone.

Once I’ve decided on the “type” of phone to get which phone should I get? I want something with a reasonable size screen but not so big that I cannot stick the phone (in a case) in my trouser pockets. I don’t need all the latest technology/gimmicks such as being able to scroll the screen up by rolling my eyes up or turning the pages of a digital book I am reading on the phone by waving my hand over the screen.

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