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ESXi 5.5 Hosts Not Restoring Storage Paths Following SAN Switch Failure

While performing resilience tests for a customer I identified that following the failure of a SAN switch the ESXi hosts did not restore lost storage paths once the SAN switch was brought back into service. The infrastructure in question was … Continue reading

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Using Active Directory Authentication with IBM BladeCenter

To enable an IBM BladeCenter to use Active Directory for Authentication use the following settings: – Firstly create a group in your Active Directory and add the people who need to access the IBM BladeCenter to this group. Login to … Continue reading

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Enabling Domino Transactional Logging on Windows

When you enable Transactional Logging for Domino on a Windows platform and restart the Domino server transactional logging still is not enabled. If you issue a show server command on the Domino Console it shows Transactional Logging as still disabled. … Continue reading

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Upgrading Domino Servers on IBM i Platforms

Domino on IBM i Platforms allows multiple versions of the Domino code to be loaded and partition server can run at different code levels. When you download the Domino code for IBM i from the IBM Passport Advantage site it … Continue reading

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Installing IBM Systems Director 6.1.1 Common Agent on ESX 4.0

You should be able to push the IBM Systems Director 6.1.1 Common Agent out from the IBM Systems Director to the ESX Hosts.  Firstly download the IBM Systems Director 6.1.1 Common Agent for Linux on x86 from the IBM Systems … Continue reading

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IBM System x3650M3

Just noticed that a few new IBM system x servers have snuck into the Standalone Solutions Configuration Tool (SSCT), namely: – x3650M3 Model Number 7945 x3550M3 Model Number 7944 x3500M3 Model Number 7380 x3400M3 Model Number 7379 x3250M3 Model Numbers 4251 … Continue reading

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New IBM Blade for Virtualisation

IBM have just release a new blade aimed at running virtualised workloads, named the HS22V.  This is ahead of the soon to be released blade using IBM’s 5th generation of their Enterprise x-Architecture, the HX5. The HS22V sports either an Intel … Continue reading

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